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Send 1 SBD or 1 STEEM

Send me 1 SBD (Steem Dollars) or 1 STEEM to @carlobelgado on Steemit. Please include the link to your post you want resteemed.

Wait for my resteem

I'll take a look at your post and resteem it to over 15,000 of my followers.

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The only content we will not resteem is adult related content (porn).

Enjoy the results!

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With a combined total of over 40,000 followers from my account @carlobelgado and my sister's account, @joanaltres, you're sure to get some value from our resteems of your post.

You'll probably get more followers too. All this for only 1 SBD (or 1 STEEM)!

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When you order, not only do you get a resteem to over 40,000 combined followers, but you can also rest assured that we have followers on our accounts with plenty of Steem Power who can make a difference to your earnings if and when they upvote your post!

The combined Steem Power of all followers is called "GV", and our followers have more GV than any of our competitors. Have a look at the chart below.

This screenshot was taken from this page you can visit to verify the information yourself [But NOTE the GV numbers could be +/- 1 GV at the time you view it for each account], and you can also scroll through the pages and find our competitors to see how much GV their combined followers have.

As you can see, our followers have a combined total Steem Power value of over 23 GV. None of our competitors are even close to that. This means a lot of our followers can award you more money when they upvote you, and if they become your own followers, you'll have their support for future posts. They can even boost your reputation!

    Carlo Belgado

See my profile on Steemit: @carlobelgado

I have over 15,000 followers. You can expect a resteem to gain your post more exposure as it sends your post to the personal feed of all my followers. That doesn't mean you'll have thousands looking at your post, but it gives you the opportunity to have your post seen by more people, possibly earn more money, more followers, and get more comments on your post!

Ultimately, the success of a resteem still depends on YOU! If you create a good post, give it an attractive title, and engage with your commenters, you'll give your post a decent opportunity to be successful.